Thirty five years of outstanding weighing innovation has kept Aja at the forefront of providing the food industry with weighing automation, optimisation and management control solutions.

Through focusing on optimising yields whilst minimising give away and labour we are able to guarantee increased efficiencies and profitability.

Working in partnership with some of the key innovators and systems manufacturers in the UK, Far East and Scandinavia along with our in-house product design, manufacturing and software development Aja consistently offer an impressive range of products and systems to the suppliers of the major UK and EU supermarkets and food retailers.

aja scales

Conscious of the often testing and hostile environments in which Aja systems are used, Aja systems are manufactured to the highest hygiene and build quality standards, constantly pushing the boundaries of innovation, for water protection and robust design.

Find out more about our automation, profitability and optimisation solutions for different food industries.

Solutions for Produce
Tomatoes, Salad, Grapes, Prepared Veg & Cut Fruit
Solutions for Prepared Foods
Ready Meals, Food to Go & Sandwiches
Solutions for Meat and Poultry
Fresh & Cooked or Value Added
Solutions for Fish and Seafood
Chilled / Frozen & Smoked / Value Added


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To see more videos please go to our Aja Channel
To see more go to our Aja Channel